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Across the globe meat graders are very impressed


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  • WGS J55

    WSG J55 is from one of our original elite females WGS E17 She has supplied us with some outstanding females WSG K55 is no exception currently...

  • WGS H104

    WGS H104 2014 Sydney Royal Grand champion female is the complete package Large frame thickness depth and length,great feet and temperament.a one of a kind and...

  • WGS J223

    WGS 223 is a Oscar female and one of only 3 in Australia moderate in frame and correct in all areas and offers a unique combination...


About us

Denis and Theresa

AAA Speckle Park is owned by Denis and Theresa Roberts, and the property is situated just outside Oberon, New South Wales.

Why Speckle Park

Speckle Park is a pure British breed. The breed is a combination of Red Roan Shorthorn, Angus and White Park. They are highly fertile with moderate birth weights. Moderate framed, they are "easy doing" with impressive weight gains on both grass and grain.

Carcass Traits

Speckle Park have gained a reputation as a carcass breed of the highest quality and moderate size. The breed has established this reputation primarily by means of its outstanding performance in carcass competitions and steer tests.

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  • Semen
    AAA Speckle Park has a selection of semen for stud…
  • Embryos
    AAA Speckle Park has an extensive range of unique genetic…
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AAA Speckle Park, New South Wales, Australia

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